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About Us

ThynkStack is proud to be a Women-Owned and Disability-Owned Business

Our Mission

ThynkStack empowers individuals with disabilities and neurodivergent professionals by providing accessible, high-quality job coaching services that promote inclusion, equal opportunity, and career success.

At ThynkStack, we're transforming how companies support and empower their employees with disabilities. Our unwavering commitment to inclusivity and our innovative approach to job coaching has set new industry standards. With a proven track record of success and a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced in the workplace, ThynkStack is dedicated to ensuring every individual has the tools and support necessary to thrive.

Our cornerstone service, Job Coaching, provides tailored executive function skill training that helps professionals understand how their unique brains work best. This isn’t just an academic exercise—we coach people through practical strategies to apply at work and in daily life. These strategies pay real dividends. They can increase work performance, productivity, and earning potential. More importantly - they reduce stress and bring a sense of ease, flow, and fulfillment to daily life many people never thought possible.

We firmly believe in the social model of disability which recognizes that we are often impacted by barriers outside our control - like barriers of attitude and environment. Whether you’re a seasoned disability advocate already making waves in the community or someone with a new diagnosis, we can help employees navigate tricky processes like self-disclosure and accommodations to build the inclusive environment everyone deserves. 

With ThynkStack, the path to professional success is made easier, more enjoyable, and most importantly, accessible to all.

Business Colleagues
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Kate Broeking


Photo of Kate Broeking

For the past decade, my sole focus has been on one mission: expanding access to high-quality job coaching services for professionals with disabilities.  Leveraging my background in social work and vocational rehabilitation, I entered the corporate world in 2019 to fill a glaring void in specialized disability services.

To meet this need, I created the world's first corporate job coaching program of it's kind, backed by a world-class team and data-driven solutions. Since then, my coaching program has been tested by thousands of tech workers at some of the largest companies in the world, proving it's effectiveness and adaptability.


Driven by the transformative potential of these programs, I co-founded ThynkStack. We're on a mission to make personalized, expert-led job coaching a scalable asset that businesses of all sizes can leverage to support their employees with disabilities.


Amy Vanselow


Photo of Amy Vanselow

I began my career as an Occupational Therapist treating patients in a variety of clinical settings. I became curious about my patients ability and options to return to work and switched my career focus to integrated disability and leave management. I've worked with, and supported several large global organizations in running their disability claims, leave management, and accommodations support; leveraging my deep clinical experience and understanding of disability impairments.


From these opportunities, I saw the critical need for support and accommodations for neurodiverse individuals in the workplace. With our executive function coaching program, we make significant improvements in reducing absenteeism, improving performance and overall wellness.   


We help individuals and organizations reach their full potential by providing effective solutions that have maximum impact in the workplace. Let us help you achieve better outcomes.

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