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Unlock Your Organization's Potential With Workplace Wellness Solutions

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What We Do

At ThynkStack, we connect the dots between work and wellness through executive function coaching.  Driving results for individuals and organizations alike, our evidence-based program improves productivity, reduces turnover and absenteeism, and elevates employee experience.

We provide a wide range of services, including 1:1 coaching, team training, and accommodation consulting, all delivered by our highly experienced and passionate team. 

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Elevate Accommodations with ThynkStack

Empower your employees with bespoke executive function strategies, tailor-made for their distinct cognitive profiles and job roles. Recognize and celebrate the uniqueness of every mind—by letting us help your team harness its full potential. With ThynkStack, your employees will:

Secure effective accommodation & support at work

Drive progress on long-term projects as well as the small stuff

Effectively navigate workplace challenges, equipped with strategies to manage stress when things get tough

Streamline organizational tools, updating to-do lists, project trackers, and calendaring for peak efficiency

Optimize their workflow, with tools to reach both high-level goals and complete daily tasks

Stay ahead of the curve, integrating the latest assistive tech, apps, and software

Build consistent productivity instead of “all or nothing”

"My work and well-being are no longer in competition with each other."

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Who Benefits from Job Coaching?

From the tech industry and beyond, we're here for everyone. We support professionals navigating challenges with ADHD, depression, anxiety, dyslexia, autism, and burnout. Our coaching has empowered professionals like:

Software Engineers (from entry to senior levels)

Product Managers

Project Managers

UX and Web Designers, Technical Writers and Content Creators

Data Analysts, Business Intelligence Specialists, Data Scientists

HR Specialists and Recruiters

Sales Executives, Digital Marketers, and Communication Specialists

Professionals in Law, Finance, Education, and Healthcare

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Get Started

If you're ready to transform your organization, get in touch. 

Book a 30 minute consultation to find out how ThynkStack can help 

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